I am in a file of delinquents for a debt that is not mine. What can I do?

The owner of the data can exercise his right to cancel or rectify his personal data by writing to the person in charge of the file of the entity in question. See http://vichardware.net/eddie-bauer-credit-card-visit-our-site-to-request-an-eddie-bauer-credit-card/ for further editorial

To be enrolled in a registry of delinquents, it is not necessary that they have claimed the debt judicially, without prejudice to the delay in payment and previous efforts by the creditor to be able to collect what is owed. Of course, the entity managing the file must notify you that it has been included in it, in order for you to be aware of the fact and may request cancellation.

I have been included in a delinquent file for a debt that is not mine?

Know that you can exercise your right to cancel or rectify your personal data by writing to the person in charge of the file of the entity in question.

The exercise of the right of cancellation or rectification is very personal, which means that the owner of the data must personally go to said entity, unless expressly and in writing by the owner of the data and photocopy of the two DNI (of the owner of the data and your representative) using any means that allows you to prove the sending and collection of your request, for the exercise of your rights, accompanying a copy of your ID The presentation of the identity document can be substituted by the use of the electronic identification signature

What if they don’t answer me? Can I claim the Data Protection Agency?

If you do not receive a reply within 10 business days or if it is unsatisfactory, you can file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, accompanying the supporting documentation requesting the cancellation of data before the entity in question.

Attention The cancellation of data

Should not be confused with the request to unsubscribe from a contracted service or with the return of copies of documents or contracts, which is not a matter of data protection.

Consequently, the owner of the data should contact the company or responsible body requesting the right to cancel

Remember that you have the right to be informed of its inclusion in the file and that your data is canceled in the indicated terms. If the person responsible for the file did not comply with the regulations at these points and you suffered any damage as a result of being your data in it, claim compensation for the damages suffered.